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Traditionally, home loans used to last a lifetime. Nowadays the average Australian refinances their home loan every three to four years.

Reasons for refinancing

  • Is my current bank offering me the best rate in the market, if not why?
  • Do I have enough equity in my home to allow me to invest?
  • I want to renovate my house, can my current bank assist me?
  • I want to consolidate all of my current loans into one easy repayment.
  • I want the flexibility to be able to have a loan that gives me more options with its features.
  • Can I refinance my home loan to have extra money to start a new business or buy a car?

Three types of home loans

  • Variable home loans: this allows you to be flexible and pay extra repayments at the current interest rate, but this will fluctuate with market segment.
  • Fixed home loans: from 1-15 years that gives you stability in knowing that the repayments will be the same over the term of the loan, and also allows a small amount of extra repayments.
  • Split home loans: is a combination of a variable and fixed home loans that allows you to have a product that is structured in the most beneficial way to you.

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