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Are you planning to invest in the property market?

Investing in property adds to the overall assets of an individual’s portfolio for wealth creation. We all like to think that when we come to retiring we will have not only enough superannuation but also other solid investments.
There are many benefits to building long term wealth, purchasing in the investment property market can delivery good returns. Property markets go up and down historically therefore researching is paramount to good long term investing.


Our tips to get you started

  • Researching wisely all potential properties that you are considering purchasing for your investment goals should include:
    • Selecting the right neighbourhood that will encourage future tenants to a property
    • Location of the property should take into account closeness to schools, hospitals, and shopping facilities
    • Ensure there be enough storage and parking for your new tenants
    • Selecting a property that is low maintenance would be beneficial
  • Treat a property as a business rather than a personal investment will take the emotional attachment that we would normally form when buying real estate.
  • Selecting a good property manager by talking to other investors will benefit you in the long term.

Funding your investment property

You have two options when purchasing a new investment property you can either,

  • Use the existing equity in your current property
    • What is equity? Equity is the difference between your property’s value and the balance of your mortgage (if you have one).
  • Alternatively, if you have savings then you can fund the purchase of your investment from these.

When purchasing an investment property please remember that you need to allow for the cost of stamp duty and legal fees in your calculations. The stamp duty for investment properties is a lot higher than for an owner occupied. However all costs associated with the purchase i.e. stamp duty and legals can be tax deductable.

It would be advisable to talk to your accountant about all your entitlements as they can tell you what applies to you.

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