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Life insurances and your mortgage

When we enter into purchasing a new property we sometimes overlook the need to protect our partner and family. We think that the life insurance component in our superannuation is enough to cover us in the event of an unforeseen situation. Little do you know that forgetting to take out a separate life insurance policy means that we are not prepared for the cost in the event of loss of limb or life.


The importance of having life insurance

In life we take out insurance policies to cover our cars, health, house and contents, electronic devices and even our pets. However we often neglect the most important one which is our life insurance. With many superannuation’s there is a life insurance component built in to the policy, but this often leaves out trauma, redundancy and a living benefit cover. Illness does not discriminate, how would you and your family cope if something happened to you? The fact is that:


More than three out of four Australians will be diagnosed with a serious illness in their working life.


One in five working age parents will die or become seriously ill or injured.


One third of women and a quarter of men will suffer from some form of cancer during their lifetime.
(ALI Group disclosure February 2010)

What are my options with life insurance?

  • Do your homework – investigate different policies via the web
  • Ask your family, friends and colleges who they insure through
  • Make sure you over cover rather than under cover. It is always better to be safe than sorry
  • Don’t procrastinate – ensure you take a policy out that coincides with the settlement date of your new home.

Australian Life Insurance

At Multi Choice Home Loans Wide Bay we recommend taking out a policy with Australia Life Insurance (ALI Group) as we believe this is one of the best policies available in this current market. Please check their website for more details or contact us to discuss taking out a policy!

Australian Life Insurance authorised representative number issued by ASIC 318 846

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