Moving house to your first home

This is a basic guide to moving from your rental property to your first home.


Confirm your notice period

It is important if you pay rent under a lease agreement that you give your landlord or real estate the required notice legally.


Inform your utility providers

Contact all the companies that provide a service to your current property and inform them of your new address as well as the date you will be moving in. These will include your power companies, and telecommunications such as phone and internet.



It is important to notify the change of your current address to your new property. Your lender will require that you have the certificate of insurance changed to the new address. Also make sure you over insure rather than under insure. Your new address might had addition sheds or garages and they will need to be covered under the new insurance policy.


Forward your mail

Make sure when you move that you have all of your mail forwarded to the new address. Generally speaking the post office will do this free of charge (conditions apply). Ensure you leave your new address with the new tenants, owners or real estate for the odd letter that slips through the system.


Meter readings

Make sure on the day that you are moving out that you take meter readings. With smartphones it is a good idea to take a photo of the final reading. Undertaking this will ensure you are not charged for usage once you have left the property.



It is a good idea to take photos of everything in your current property in case there are any disputes later on. Photos will help your side.

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